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Zhangjiakou Shehwa Machinery Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Zhangjiakou Shehwa Machinery Co.,Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as SWMC) was as a factory of HBXG originally with the main business to supply the ripper, blade, undercarriage, power-dividing housing and final driving assembly equipped for the bulldozers, as well as parts and components of mining machinery, such as the chassis, track assembly, rooler and beams for drilling rigs. In 2010, after factory transformation, SWMC became a speciality manufacturer of construction machinery and mining machinery, also as a authorized distributor of HBXG’s products in domestic and oversea market. HBXG is a speciality manufacturer of construction machinery serial products, such as bulldozer, excavator, wheel loader etc., as well as agricultural machinery, and also a sole manufacturer owned the intellectual rights and know-how of manufacturing of sprocket-elevated driving bulldozer and realizing mass production in China.

SWMC locates  in  Xuanhua,  a historic city  in  the  northwestern  of  Hebei  Province  with  only  175  kilometers  away Beijing. Xuanhua city enjoy convenient transportation & telecommunication.  It  takes about one hour from factory to Beijing by high-speed train; three hours  to  Capital International  Airport  by  car,  and  6  hours  to  Xingang Seaport by truck.  SWMC  covers  an  area  of  230,000 square  meters  with  120,000  square  meters under  proof and with total 350 staffs including 85 professionals.


Possessing strong technology development forces and R&D center, SWMC is a high-tech enterprise, also a prior cultivation enterprise for intellectual property development in Hebei province. SWMC got the Quality Management System (QMS) Certificate in 2012. SWMC' s products acquired many honorary titles from state, province& ministries as well as industry line etc., having higher reputation and brand value in machinery industry, and were exported to more than 30 countries and regions, covering South-east Asia, Africa, Middle-east etc..

Main products: DTH Drilling rig; Bulldozer; Pipelayer; Loader; Excavator; Mining truck; Parts& components for machinery.

Drilling Rigs
Hydraulic Top Hammer Driling Rig 360-TH; T45
Seperated crawler mounted surface hydraulic rig 360-DTH; 370-DTH
Separated Pneumatic Drilling Rig 380-DTH
Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig integrated
with Air-compressor T45
Hydraulic Drilling Rig with automatic change of rods X5
Full hydraulic crawler mounted large diameter blast hole surface
down-the-hole drill rig D8
Track Type Bulldozer
Normal structure bulldozer TY160 series; TY165 series; TY220 series; TY230 series;
Sprocket-elevated driving bulldozer SD7Nseries; SD8N series; SD9Nseries;
Pipelayer products DGY25G; DGY40G; DGY55; DGY70H; DGY90
Excavator products
Wheel type excavator HTL120; HTL150
Track type excavator XE215C; ZG3210;ZG3365
Mining truck GT3380; GT3500; GT3600; GT3700

SWMC-360-DTH; 370-DTH drilling rig is widely used in open-pit mines such as cement, metallurgy, coal mines, quarries, blasting hole drilling in railway, highway, water conservancy, hydropower and national defense construction projects. Its aperture hole size range is 90-152mm and 90-178mm, which can be equipped with various types of air compressors to realize high pressure DTH drilling. SWMC-380-DTH is a high-performance split-type pneumatic drilling rig developed and manufactured by SWMC Drilling Rig in accordance with the "low-cost, high-efficiency" industry requirements of the drilling industry. SWMC-T45 full hydraulic top hammer surface rock drilling rig uses the world famous YAMAMOTO high-power hydraulic rock drilling rig for perforating operation. It is with compressor of Full Hydraulic Top Hammer Surface drilling rig.

With more than 10 years development, SWMC accumulates and forms profound corporate cultural deposits. SWMC will adhere in the philosophy----To create value for customers, comply with the conduct code ---Honesty, Enthusiasm, Efficiency, insist on innovation promotion, to present quality products and services for global clients, realize common grouth with partners and customers!

Zhangjiakou Shehwa Machinery Co.,Ltd.